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New release: TwinkiePaste 2.33 released.

TwinkiePaste - the utility to quickly typing commonly used text, dates, greetings, standard responses, Internet URLs, logins and passwords, code templates. TwinkiePaste helps to quickly type text in almost any application, thus saving a lot of time and saving you from routine.

Downloads here (ZIP with installer, 32x, 1780 kb). Portable versions is available here (1770 kb). Discussion on forum see here

Version 2.33:

  1. Many bug fixes and small changes;

Version 2.27:

  1. added: custom icons for Google\Yandex command of insertion menu (experimental);
  2. added: new command for history items "Edit" (see context menu of float pane);
  3. added: new version of PhraseEditor 2.26;
  4. fixed: does not change tooltips for clipboard history items after changing of language of user interface;
  5. updated Indonesian language of user interface;
  6. updated Russian language file;

Version 2.26:

  1. added: Indonesian language of user interface;
  2. added: command "Edit Phrases\Settings" into context menu of float pane;
  3. added: automatically reinstall clipboard spy;

Version 2.25:

  1. fixed: macro %SELECTED_TEXT% expand into text from Clipboard under Windows 64x;
  2. changed: XML-manifest of EXE-file (asInvoker level);

Version 2.24

  1. added: new version of TwinkiePaste.DLL (2.24);
  2. restore: show menu tooltips for menu of insertion;
  3. fixed: does not work mouse gesture;
  4. disabled logging in core DLL;
  5. changed: insertion menu draw vertical bar;
  6. fixed: macro processor has runtime error on logging;

Version 2.23

  1. PhraseEditor: added new command "Format\Read Only" (RO-move of text editor);
  2. added: PhraseEditor enable RO-move for text editor as default (for safety);
  3. changed: custom drawing of insertion menu (temporary, for stability);
  4. changed: XML-manifest of EXE-file (requireAdministator level);

Version 2.22:

  1. added: new setting for clipboard tracking method (automatically);
  2. fixed: install clipboard tracking when TwinkiePaste is first tracker;
  3. fixed: invalid text for submenu of clipboard history;
  4. added: float pane show border on minimized mode;
  5. added: link to terrainformatica;
  6. changed: localization subsystem;
  7. updated Russian language file;

Version 2.20:

  1. changed: building of menu of insertion;

Version 2.19:

  1. changed: clipboard tracking method use post-handling practice;
  2. changed: new key for setting "Clipboard Tracking Method";

Version 2.18:

  1. added: command line key /edit (start the PhraseEditor);
  2. added: shortcut "TwinkiePaste - Buy Now" (version with installer);
  3. added: shortcut "TwinkiePaste - Register" (version with installer);
  4. added: command "Move To Root" into PhraseEditor;
  5. added: files twinkiepaste_edit.bat and twinkiepaste_register.bat into portable version;
  6. changed: Clipboard Tracking method as default (use new methor for Vista and later, and use old method for XP\2K);
  7. fixed: invalid tooltip for command "Edit Phrases\Settings" in insertion menu;
  8. updated: Magyar and Russian language file;

Version 2.17:

  1. added: new command line key "/reg[]";
  2. added into PhraseEditor new command "Help\Enter License Data";
  3. imrove working of unregistered version;
  4. changed: using temp directory for registration process;
  5. updated Russian language file;

Version 2.16:

  1. added: setting "Show history pane on start";

Version 2.15:

  1. added: float pane change background, when enable\disable clipboard history;
  2. fixed: error "Cannot install Service, service already installed" (invalid free library instructions);
  3. changed: no columns in tray menu;
  4. added: hiding menu tooltip when move mouse pointer under him;
  5. miriad bug fixes;
  6. changed: URL of technical support;
  7. added: about-dialog shown on taskbar;
  8. added: log about sounds;

Version 2.12:

  1. Fixed: IDs of embedded commands;
  2. SEH-handler for menu;
Version 2.09:
  1. Added: command "Change License Data";
  2. Higlight icons on menu when selected;
  3. Changed: formatting of special block in updates report;
  4. Updated Russian language file;
  5. Some bug fixes and improvements;

Version 2.04:

  1. Added new setting "Add last used command to top of menu" (enabled as default).

What`s news in 2.x

  1. added: support of Windows 10
  2. added: support of 64-x applications
  3. added: new menu of snippets (more info, more indication by colors)
  4. Details change log see on our web site here

How TwinkiePaste works

  1. Press a hotkey in any application.
  2. The cursor displays a menu with text templates to be inserted.
  3. Select the menu command. Done! Text inserted.

    Key Features (more screenshots)

    • Pastes plain or formatted text into any applications
    • Keeps the clipboard history
    • Smart text insertion using macros: selected text, date and time, changing of keyboard layouts, usernames and etc.
    • Configurable hotkeys
    • Simple, lightweight and user friendly phrase editor
    • Unicode support. Minimal system requirements
    • No proprietary file format. Our database is simple XML only
    • Check for updates: automatically every 1-2-3...X day or manually from menu
    • Also we can suggest portable version
    • Purchase TwinkiePaste now

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