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New version Aml Pages 9.76 build 2671 released. You can download version with installer or portable version. Localized versions see here.

What`s new?

In version Aml Pages 9.76 build 2671:

  1. added: accelerator Ctrl+F3 for showing of filters menu;
  2. added: notification message, when key is pressed in text editor in read-only mode;

In version Aml Pages 9.76 build 2670:

  1. fixed: invalid work of trial period;

In version Aml Pages 9.76 build 2699:

  1. added: new version of plugin ChangeLog 1.11;
  2. added: menu of tabs has command "Properties";
  3. fixed: does not work double hot keys (Ctrl+Ctrl, Alt+Alt and etc);
  4. changed: for Vista and later sticky notes not has custom buttons on titles;
  5. changed: enlarge frame for dowloading of files (New, plugin ChangeLog, not attached pictures of web pages);
  6. changed: enlarge format rectangle for tag input field;
  7. changed: the setting "Show dialog on creation of new nodes" enabled as default;
  8. fixed: does not edit title on tree after commands "New Node\Folder\Child Node";

In version Aml Pages 9.76:

  1. added: new filter of nodes "Latest 10  (changed only)";
  2. added: new menu command "Send To Where As ZIP-archive";
  3. added: new command "Only Checked" in text templates editor;
  4. added: new version of plugin AAC 2.04;
  5. new version of plugin Aml2Dropbox 2.17;
  6. fixed: blinking of tooltip under hyperlink in text editor;
  7. fixed: does not draw nodes with custom backgroun color after command "Into Header";
  8. many small changes and bug-fixes;
  9. Details change log see on What`s new or you can know whats new immediate from Aml Pages.

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