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The people who stay far from away home, in order to earn more money, but some of them can live happy life; some of them live the life with worry and fret. I think many people cannot help asking:” why?” because the former can treat the money with usual mind, the latter think the money is too important, money, how much is enough? the world is changing so quickly, all things the generation of speed is faster than our image, while the people’s desire is endless, if we cannot control our desire, only afraid that we cannot get happiness at all throughout our life. As we play the game, how much rift gold or rift plat is enough?

Heard much word from friends, I often ask myself: I am happy now? And how long times will the happiness last? Actually the answer is clear, I think I am happy now, and I believe the happiness will company with forever. Because, I don’t have much money, but I have a steady work, but I can get a good salary every mouth, I can do the thing I like; I don’t have luxury car and villa, but I have a healthy body, I believe I will have the milk and bread. As for the marriage, majority of the friends surrounding me get married and have the child, of course, I think about it sometime, but I don’t think I get good prepare now, their complains will lead to some worry, but I think I have no ability to bring home the bacon. But I think if we have good attitude, we can have a happy family.

In fact, happiness is simple, the world is no lack of beauty, but just lacks the eyes to found it, use your heart to taste the happiness, and actually it is at your side.

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