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I had a classmate when I was in middle school, he liked drawing very much. when he became a teacher few years later, this interest followed him all the time, and occupied all his spare time, except he would spend litter time to farm some tera gold, or buy tera gold online sometimes. At one time, he resigned his job and started to lead a vagrant life with all his savings.

About three years later, he ended that kind of life, and started to pay all his attention on drawing. During this period of the time, he was very poor. He lived his life by selling the painting and the friends’ help. The big different with other artists, he never took part in any social actives. And rapidly another three years later, he attracted other artist’s attention. Because his paintings are famous with the style of fresh, fluency, and full of rebelling spirit.

One day, he invited me to drink coffee with him, and he described every detail about his painting experience to me. And calculated how much the time needed when he get succeed finally.

He started to painting when he was in middle school, and lasted to grade one in high school, during this four years, he spent one hour every day on average, so 1460hours in total, and 61 days. When he reached grade two and three, he had no time to continue this interesting, because he needed to study hard to join in a good university.

When he came to university, he still spent one hour on painting per day, so another 61 days. When he graduated from university, he spent about three hours on painting every day, so about 137days, when he resigned his job, he spent 8hours on painting per day, so 365days in total, and during the time he closed the door and paid all the energy on his painting, he spent ten hours per day on it, so 456days in total.

Finally he spent 1080days in total on his painting life, and it is equal to about three years. So he get succeed only take three years on his life. So if we also want to get succeed, just try hard.


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