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Yee Shun Jian Workshop Interview #4   How Yee Shun Jian Got Out Of $20,000 In Debt And Went On To Earn $103,789.85

How Yee Shun Jian Got Out Of Debt And Went On To Earn $103,789.85 In 2009

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[Time: 67 minutes|15.4mb]

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Yee Shun Jian is the owner of and He is a life coach, avid blogger and a wealth manifestation expert. I am really glad to have him with us on the interview as I believe his story is inspiring to many and he has some great ideas and knowledge to share with us.

Yee Shun Jian got out of his huge debt, broke away from the 9 to 5 job and went on to earn 6 figures online. He successfully achieved what many people want to but failed to do so.

He is also one of the people that I model after. 2 years ago, I started my blog after I read his articles on He is a huge inspiration for me. If you want to learn more about how he achieves his current success and want to tap his brain and learn from him, download the interview or click on the play button above to listen to it now.

Interview Notes

  • How he got into debt
  • How he start to earn 6 figures a year and a more in depth explanation of his methods to earn money.
  • How he used pain and pleasure factors to help him take massive action.
  • How to get rid of your limiting beliefs.
  • Mistakes that he made during his journey.
  • Yee Shun Jian went through an exercise that can help to keep us motivated and take massive action to achieve our goals.


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Interview #4 – How Yee Shun Jian Got Out Of $20,000 In Debt And Went On To Earn $103,789.85

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