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Thirteen Ways to Get Writing During the Holidays

1. Let the kids (if you have any) decorate the Christmas tree. You might have to oversee things so they don’t kill each other with the star ornaments, but sit on the couch with a notebook and let them take over. They’ll feel special and you’ll get some small snippets of time to write.

2. Type your family Christmas update or whatever you call it. Printing multiple pages is much easier and faster than writing them.

3. Holiday meals? Prepare absolutely as much as you can beforehand. If you can get away with not cooking something, then don’t cook it!

4. Keep a notebook/pad and pen with you always. (Do I really need to mention this one again?)

5. Gift bag it. Save the paper and save some time by using reusable gift bags.

6. Shop online. Save the shopping and queuing time for writing.

7. Let people know that the surest way to get on Santa’s good list is to let you write.

8. Schedule it. Sometimes it’s all you can do.

9. Decorate your tree with office supplies. Talk about a near constant reminder.

10. Switch all the clocks and calendars to yesterday and give yourself an extra day.

11. Declare December MyNoWriMo - My Novel Writing Month

12. Doors have locks for a reason.

13. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, well, you know what to do.

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