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Hello, hello and welcome to the Fiction Scribe take on the Velvet Verbosity prompt for this week: ANGER

Anger is an interesting one to work with because I don’t know (well, didn’t know) that side of either Treasure or Frank. They’ve shown bits and pieces, but have had no reason to be angry.

Until now, that is…

Anger didn’t bubble up slowly in Frank Talbert. He was slow to anger, but not in the way that it built up until he exploded. For him, it felt like a switch; he could take so much and then he felt angry – suddenly and completely.

With Treasure, it was different again. She’d left a while ago, but he still stood there, barely shaking.

“I’m sorry Frank,” she had said. “I’m so sorry. I… you. We can’t.”

He’d cocked his head slightly to one side.

Her voice had broken and tears began falling down her cheeks as she’d whispered, “I’m married.”


I’ve known this was coming for a while, but I didn’t know exactly when or how it would come to light. Poor, poor Frank. What is he going to do? He finally finds a source of positivity and light in his life and… And what about Treasure? She’s seemed like such an angel so far.

Twists and turns. Now that it’s finally out in the open, I have no idea where the story is going to go.


If you can, stop by and show VV a bit of support. She’s been going through a difficult time lately and will appreciate it.

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