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I am back once more with another prompt from Velvet Verbosity. For this round we have an interesting prompt: time. Let’s see what my ol’ mind comes up with…


There is no time quite as dense and unmistakable as when it is time for you to leave. It’s strong, almost like a stench or perhaps a gentle but persistent pressure making you aware of its presence.

Treasure didn’t want to leave, and yet, she knew she should. She’d truly lived in the moment of ecstasy with Frank, but the moment had ended all too soon.

The world was backwards in that. Why should time ‘fly’ when you’re having fun and drag on for ages when you’re not? Surely during the creation of all things, someone got that one backwards.


More thoughts from Treasure and another one I quite like. She has a very gentle, loving way about her – she would have to, to get through all the outer layers of Frank to the real man inside – and that’s a bit different to the female personalities I have been writing lately.

I didn’t originally intend to write another Treasure/Frank instalment at all. I started out with the first line and things just went from there.

I guess when a character wants to be heard…

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and have gotten a lot of writing done. Personally, I’m halfway through a novel and my main character has decided she needs a best friend. Alas, back to the beginning to work in Theresa…

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