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Writing in Tough Times
November 30th, 2008

It’s not exactly new news that the world has fallen on tough times. What started as problems in the US economy quickly morphed into problems for the world economy. Some people are fine, but more and more people are hitting hard times and losing what they have worked so hard to keep. People, if they physically can, are taking on second and third jobs just to break even.

Even then, sometimes they don’t.

With the world in its current state, it’s hard to find anything positive. Even if we try, the media finds whatever ways it can to turn us into fearful, sorrowful creatures.

Now, more than ever, people are probably asking you, “Why do you want to write?”

Maybe they’re making snarky comments or are just plain asking what in the world you think writing will do for anyone when there are ‘so many more important things’ to think about and do.

Today I found this inspiring piece by Toni McGee Causey on Muderati. It’s titled ‘Comfort Reading’, but the title does not even begin to reveal the emotional, dramatic force the content has.

If you are feeling negative about the world, if you are feeling uneasy about the news, if you are just plain unsure of your writing and whether or not you should continue on… Read this piece. Print it off and put it up on your wall. Give it to anyone who asks you why you’re writing when you could be doing something else.

You won’t regret it and you just might find the inspiration/motivation you need to keep writing in a world where nothing is sure.

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